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How to Do a Home Makeover for Less than $1,000

We tend to get bored with our homes; that's no news. Everything we get very used to, bores us: that's why we're huge channel-surfing fans, after all. Wouldn't it be great if, by just pushing a button, we could change the way our place looks? It would, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, an extreme home makeover does take time. But it does not necessarily mean spending a whole lot of money. There are some clever little tips we can apply to give to our homes a lifting -all under a thousand dollars. So, get on your feet, and let's start (yes, it does involve getting up from the couch!).

1. You can start by changing small things. For instance, change all the light switches and outlet covers. There are great designer options for reasonable prices at home improvement stores. You can find these options online, or look around and do a little shopping to get the best deals.

2. Tidy up. You'll be amazed at how much your house can change with a bit of cleaning and tidying up. Just remove small objects from sight (books lying around, items you once thought were fine ornaments, old vases) and either place other objects or just leave it like that; a new, minimalistic decor might favor the looks of your home enormously.

3. Change lighting devices. This will give new lighting to your home. Just change a few lamps, include dimmers, remove ugly bowl covers and choose some more daring, attractive hanging lights.

4. Paint small areas. Painting is a very important part of home recovery, but if you're on a budget, you'll want to take care of some critical spots only. Usually walls behind stoves, computer desks, or home entertainment centers are key points where you can add a layer or two of fresh paint to give them a cleaner look.

5. Rearrange furniture. This is a key move. If you want your rooms to feel different, try moving things around: you'll be amazed at the change! You can dive into some feng shui to add some oriental wisdom to your rooms, and harmonize the flow of energy in the house. It's also a good idea to reorganize photos, pictures, and paintings, and finally get rid of that ugly picture you've always hated.

6. The kitchen is always a critical spot. If you changed everything you'd probably want to change there, you'd spend the whole thousand and probably fall short. You can, however, make some subtle but noticeable modifications to your kitchen and give it a brand new, shiny appearance. You can update or paint your dishwasher's cover, for instance: usually they have removable covers so that they match the rest of the appliances. Also, replace old cabinet knobs with new ones.

With these simple ideas you can spend less than a thousand and give a brand new look to your house. If you have a bit more to spend, you can hire a Amely Designs Seattle interior design firm and give your house a top-notch lifting so that it is absolutely unrecognizable!

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Looking for an Interior Designer in Seattle? Amely Wurmbrand is an award-winning interior designer that has been featured in dozens of magazines and TV shows. Check out her work at http://amelydesigns.com.